About VE

VE (Versatile ERP), developed by DCL, is an integrated information system with all business management functions, including order processing, purchasing, accounting and finance, planning, inventory, customer management, human resources and more. 
Many organizations throughout the world are opting for an ERP system with the aim of obtaining a competitive edge. ERP system provides a 360 degree view on an organization’s main processes namely sales, purchases, stock, customer service and financial accounting. Not only do you have online access to all the components of your business through one portal, it also provides organizations with many benefits such as reduction in costs, better quality of services  and increase in revenue.
DCL Consultancy provides solutions which improve your business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. Contrary to the perception that ERP is complicated to use, requires a high level of resources and is made mainly for conglomerates and large companies, VE has been developed with affordability in mind and caters for both single and multiple usage.

Key VE Features

  • Platform and Database Independent
VE has been developed on an independent platform and can be deployed on either Linux, Windows as operating system and MySQL, SQL, Informix, Ingress or Oracle as per customers’ requirements. VE is web-based and is available through most of the known browsers.
  • Protection of Data Integrity
VE databases are encrypted to further protect data integrity and enhance security by preventing unsolicited access.
  • Multi-company, Multi-branch, Multi-currency
The system has been built with the necessary flow to render front-end and back-end operations versatile. Moving from one application to another while passing data within the system has been achieved with agility and foresightedness.
VE is now available in different industries, namely Retail, Re-Insurance, Logistic, Constructions and Education. The engine has been built to cater for any industry and the system will evaluate base on market demand. 
Therefore, VE can be what you want it to be based on your business requirements. It is first and foremost, YOUR business solution.